Hair Perms

Hair Perms: Overcoming the Myths Surrounding Hair Perms

From the soft-spoken maidens of the olden times to the modern independent woman strutting the streets of the urban jungle, the curly hairstyle remains to be an extremely popular trend. The reason why the curly hairstyle has gained and maintained a massive amount of popularity among various women from all parts of the world is that it possesses a unique, timeless charm and versatility. It enables women to transform their looks, from the smoldering temptress to the sweet girl-next-door type. From elite uptown salons to small downtown beauty parlors, women fall in line to have their hair permed, hoping to hop off the shop sporting the much-coveted gorgeous locks.

Although hair perming is a process that has been done for ages, few people are familiar with the facts surrounding the hair perms. One of the common misconceptions related to hair perming is that it is not possible to perform on color treated hair. While this could have been true in the past, modern day salons now possess the appropriate technology to perm color treated hair. A broad option of hair perming solutions that are specially formulated for color treated hair can be found in the various hair salons.

Another huge false belief about hair perming is that shampooing is prohibited for twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the hair perming procedure. This misconception is based on the belief that shampooing deactivates the chemical substance used for hair curling. The truth, however, is that the chemical has already taken effect and no amount of washing can revert the permanent effects of hair perming. This is good news particularly to women who are greatly concerned with proper hair hygiene.

People are sometimes under the false conception that hair perming entails a great deal of time and that hey have endure long grueling hours, sitting and flipping restlessly on salon magazines while waiting with anxiety for the outcome. While this, again, may have been through before, the process of hair perming has evolved in such a way that it is now accomplished within an hour or two. The duration of the procedure depends greatly on the natural hair characteristics and its length. The time it takes to accomplish the task is also dependent on the ability of the hairstylists and the speed in which operate.

Perhaps the greatest misconception regarding hair perms is that the hairstylistís responsibility ends after the procedure has been completed. Clients must learn that permed hair requires special care. Hair perming predisposes the clientís hair to a number of potential damages. Clients must therefore ask for hair care instructions and a guide on which hair care products to use. Recognizing the facts and ruling out the misconceptions related to the hair perming process can significantly aid the client in making sound decisions related to hair perming.