Hair Perms

Introduction to Hair Perms

From the catwalk to the sidewalk, women are sporting the timelessly fashionable, ultimately versatile and utterly chic curly hairstyle. For women who wish to have their hair permed, there are a number of hair perm styles to choose from. It is necessary to familiarize oneself with these style options prior to getting a hair perm in order to land the perfect type to suit ones personality and outfit.

The process of hair perming has gone a long way since the olden times. Hair perms today are completed within an hour or two and do not require the client to sit through long grueling hours while anxiously waiting for the result. The fact remains, however, that hair perming is a risky process predisposing the client to a number of potential hair damages and procedural accidents. Knowing the different things that can go wrong during the hair perming process and the different ways on how to fix these damages can help prevent the occurrence and solve the associated problems. It is also important to know the appropriate post care for permed hair as this may minimize the occurrence of post perm problems and add length to the life of ones newly curled locks.